Friday, May 22, 2009

Preschool Graduation!

Cord had his preschool program yesterday for graduation and it was sooo fun to watch! He's such a social butterfly and loves attention..... probably more than me!!! He will go again this fall except he will go 3 times a week instead of 2 and add tennis and creative movement (dance) to his schedule! I'm soooo excited for him. Here's Cord and Carson eating their cupcakes. Cord will only eat the frosting the little booger. They made scrapbooks through out the year and took pictures for every letter they worked on and the activity they did with that letter. So it's fun to see pictures of Cord all through the year!
They sang a bunch of songs for us which is funny because in primary Cord doesn't know any of the songs. And he doesn't like it when Chris or I sing to him, he gets mad or embarressed. So at least I know he's enjoying singing in preschool!

They all got to bring home these fun little t-shirts too! Farewell preschool, until the fall!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Swim show off day....

So here is Cords preschool swimming show off day. (By the way he takes preschool from Sports Academy Gym here in North Logan, the preschool is connected to the club)First of all, Cord does NOT love the water. It's sad because Chris is soooo into water sports and then there is Cord that doesn't even want to put his head in the water. But this little class has helped him tons of getting over the fear of water. He progressed tons towards the end of his lessons!
The cheesy grin...The Back-float
The Front-floatBobbing...And all tuckered out! Cord doesn't take naps anymore but I knew he was tired from all that showing off so I let him fall asleep at my feet while I was on the computer then carried him to his bed for a nice long nap!

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Okay, so here's a little update on Bridger: He is doing really well in his 0-3 program and ABC class. He's actually starting to interact a LOT better with people that he is getting to know which I am very greatful for. All he wanted before was Mom, but he's learning to branch off and trust other people which is really giving me a break. He's starting to prefer Daddy over mommy sometimes which kind of makes me sad but I KNOW that I will need that for when the baby comes. He still doesn't say any words at 28 months which kind of breaks my heart (when will I hear him say "mommy" for the first time) but he's learning how to sign a few things. For a long time I had to place my hand over his hand and physically make him do the sign but this past week he has done 2 different signs on his own a couple of different times. "ON", for turning on the TV, and Treat. Imagine that! The 2 things I want to steer him away from!!! But at least he's communicating!!!!! I titled this post strategies because I wanted to show you a few of the things we are doing to try and push him a long. This first picture is a technique that the 0-3 program suggests. It's a little body suit that we put on his arms and tummy that is supposed to help sooth him. So when he's throwing a tantrum we are supposed to hold him firmly and massage him and it's supposed to be soothing. We put it on him every morning for a half hour.
These are all the different products we are trying with him from left to Right. His multi vitamin has DHA in it which is supposed to be a big brain booster and highly recommended. The second one is lemon flavored fish oil that we put in his juice. Same thing I think, more brain food! ( I should have been more prepared to tell you exactly what they are for!!!) The third one is a probiotic that is supposed to help with the digestive system which a lot of "autistic" kids seem to have is what is called "leaky gut" Bad stomaches!. Reliv Now is a health shake that is really nasty that I am supposed to give him 2 big scoops a day. The only thing I can get it in is his oatmeal and waffles. But I have been on a lot of conference calls of success stories with kids that are autistic that are very high functioning from being on the product. And the last one Innergize is another reliv product that is supposed to help when given with the kids now.

This is a little book of pictures on velcro to help him communicate. When he wants something he is supposed to grab the picture then hand it to me, and in return I give him what he wants. Right now he doesn't know how to discriminate between the different pictures so we just use one picture. But this teaches him that it takes 2 way communication to get what he wants, where as right now he is used to just pulling my arm to what he wants and grunts or points, but he doesn't look at me and ask me for it. So basically I am an object to get what he wants.
This was just a cute picture to show that he is starting to interact a lot better with his brother and kids he's getting to know. The 3 amigos were just sitting there eating a popcycle and Bridger sat down and scooted himself up next to them so he could be a part of their group. I was lucky to have my camera with me to get this shot because I didn't set this up at all!
And this is my sweet Bridger that is not a very social boy, but he LOVES the camera!!! He seriously is a ham when it comes to taking his picture. I love it!!!

Show Off Day!

Today Cord got to show off his tumbling skills at Preschool! Cord definitley loves to "monkey" around and as you can tell he obviously LOVES it! And he did sooooo good! Next week he will get to show off his swimming skills so I will post those pictures after that!!! I love his preschool because he goes 2 days a week, 2 hours of crafts and learning and the third hour is either tumbling or swimming lessons@! What a deal!

Monday, May 4, 2009

cHeCK It oUT!!!!

(Good Idea Amy)
My very talented friend, Andrea, is trying to stay home with her two girls. She just opened an online boutique and has DARLING homeade items for sale. She is so crafty and has such fun ideas! Everyone needs to check it out....go to Happy Shopping:)
I've posted her blinki at the top right of my blog!