Sunday, February 21, 2010

My 3 nAkEd LoVeS

Since it's the month of love, I will talk about my 3 boys that I LOVE soooooooo much! In a dream world I would have 2 boys and 2 girls and everything would be just dandy! But in my imperfect and crazy life, I have the best 3 boys in the world! They are all 3 soooo different from one another and thats why I love each individual boy so much. I think if they were all the same I would get a little bored with life. But Nooooo, I have Cord the social butterfly who is smart and good at anything he tries. I have Bridger who just adores mom and dad and shows soooo much emotion to us and is soooo smart learning his signs. Then there is Hudson, who is the dream baby in everyway! He is soooo easy to love and to hold. He is content and happy almost always. And last but not least, they all 3 are soooo handsome! I love you boys!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My SwEEt vAlEnTiNe...

Both years Cord has been in Preschool, they do a special Valentines program where the kids get to have a Date with thier mom and show off a little. He gets soooo excited to have mom in his territory and show me around. Look at that Smile!My special Valentine...Singing their cute Valentine songs... He made that cute little ladybug and attached to it was a beaded valentines bracelent he made just for me!!! I wish you could see it in the picture!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Snip snip...

Sometimes I wonder why I blog about certain things that I know nobody else cares about, but then I have to remind myself that I'm going to print this blog and I want to remember the big fun things, the small cute things, the hard times and the good times. So here's just some cute pictures of Bridger getting his hair cute. The funny story behind these pictures is that he was already done getting his hair cut, bathed and good to go, but for some reason when Cord was getting his hair cut he just whined, and threw a HUGE fit, and we finally figured out it was because he wanted to be back up in the chair with the black cover back on!!!!