Sunday, June 6, 2010

SuNnY St. GeOrGe

As always we took our anual spring vacation to St. George and had a blast! We stay in a condo instead of a hotel and it makes the biggest difference in the world! We can actually stay up and talk and watch movies while we put the kiddos in bed! My mom and Dad and sister and her kids came with us this year and they were sooo much fun! Here is Baylee keeping Hudson busy! She was all over him and I loved it! This is at the water "park" by the library. We went here last year but my kids just have a ball! This year they had bands playing and here Ethan was trying to show Bridger how to dance to the music and Bridger was actually giving it a try! It was funny to watch.
There is 2 friends that are a must for me to visit in St. George and one of them is Tami! We have been through it all together, even living 6 hours away from each other we always catch up and know what's going on with each other. She's pregnant with kid number 4 right now! Good LUCK!! The other friend is Kellie and she met me here too and I totally forgot to get a picture of her, but I just love her to death too and I was soooo happy to see her!

Here is my awesome Dad relaxing at the condo. He did great with all the rug rats wanting to play with him all the time! Couldn't have done it all without Grandpa!
And here is awesome Mom, soaking up my cute Hudson! Thank goodness for moms! She was helping me all day long with my 3 stinkers!I was sooo happy that my sister decided to come even though her husband couldn't make it! I haven't had enough sister/girl time with her and it was much needed! I've always looked up to her in sooo many ways! She scrapbooks - "oh maybe I should scrapbook too!" She has a cute shirt on - "Oh maybe I should by that shirt too!" The list could go on! I love her to death and I hope she knows that!
We went to the Washington pool and had a ball! Here's Cord with his new favorite thing, Goggles!! He looks like a dork right here so I had to post the picture

Here's the whole family in the water! I couldn't get everyone looking at the camera at the same time! Too much fun going on!
And poor Hudson, he did not want to be in that swing, but I thought it was sooo cool so I had to try it out!
The kids in the back yard of our Condo