Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Maui & the Marathon!!!

ALOHA!  Well, I definitely got spoiled for Christmas this year!  A trip to Maui with some of the funnest couples I could be around!  We had such a great time!  9 days of pure relaxation!  Well 8 if you minus the traveling days!!!    And the awesome people that watched my kids was the only way this trip was able to happen, so thank you!!!  The weather was perfect!  We showed up perfect for Whale season and saw tons of whales up close!  The Condo we stayed on was on the Beach and Beautiful!!  Here's a few spotlights of the fun times we had:
Chris Paddle Boarding
 The Luau and our awesome host!

 Amy and Brad!  I've known Amy since 7th grade and we've been friends ever since!  I love this girl with all my heart and she married the coolest husband ever!  Thanks for making the trip sooooo fun!
 Breakfast at the Dutch.  And the next day we went to the Gazebo and had a yummy breakfast TOO!  Always try the macadamia nut pancakes with coconut syrup!  Sooo Good!  (No I did not eat them I was on a strict Paleo diet!!!)  JK!
 Chris and I at the Magic show!  A must see comical clean magic show!  We were actually one of the selected couples to help out in the show, right Gomer?  I mean Chris!
 Chris and I went snorkeling on our own on one of the days!  I had issues getting into the water, but once I finally relaxed I actually enjoyed it!  We saw a HUGE turtle that swam within a couple feet of us.  It was probably 4 -5 feet tall!

 D.T. Fleming Beach is rated on the top 10 beaches in the United States so of course we had to go there.  Very Beautiful!
 And My beautIful Beach buddies, Kelsey and Michelle.
 Chris Body Surfing.
 Michelle and Dave.  I've know Dave since 7th grade as well, and he married the coolest Girl ever TOO!!! They were our roomies and Chris and I enjoyed them sooo much!
 A little canoeing

 The Dinner Cruise, Whale Watching.
 And this is the Hahne Couple.  Kelsey and Brian.  We couldn't have gone without them!  They hooked us up with the beautiful Condo we stayed in!!!  Such a neat couple.   Very willing to do whatever to make sure everyone was happy!  We are lucky to have found such great friends!   Thank you!!
 At the crazy Avatar tree.  This picture does it NO justice!!!
 This cliff had wind coming over the top like CRAZY!!!!  You seriously could lean over the cliff and it would push you back.  I about toppled over a few times!!

 I was nervous the boys were actually going to fall backwards down the cliff!
 This was the road to Hana.   It took us to the 7 sacred pools and we had a blast jumping in the water, looking at the waterfalls.  Freezing!!!

 Maui had the most yummy and unique looking fruit!  We had to try it all.  But I think my favorite was the pineapple soaked in Coconut juice.  That's how they keep it from browning, instead of lemon juice like we used!  MAKE THE CHANGE!  It's worth it!!

 And the Half Marathon!  Kelsey is the one who got me wrapped into this escapade!!! JK, but she's the one who inspired me to give it a try because she was signed up for it.  So after all was said and done, I got 5 weeks of training, some heatstroke and a stress fracture in my right foot!
Here we are at the beginning!  6:45am.



 Here I am coming in at 2 hours and 5 minutes.  It was tough!!!  I didn't think I was going to make it, but I survived!!!  And Chris my biggest supporter!

 Oh, and we can't forget about the free 15 minute massage I got directly after.  Yes, they rub your sweat into your body so they don't have to use their own personal oils.  It was lovely!
And Kelsey, coming in strong!  I think she can agree with me that it was a lot harder than we expected!!!

The first day, me and Amy got to hang out at the pool and sun tan!!  It was sooo relaxing!!!  And soooo nice!
 Amy & Brad!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Bridger and Chris!!!

 So Bridger turned 5 on January 12th.  It was a good year.  I remember his 4 year birthday trying to predict what the future held for him.  Scared.  A little frustrated with life.  But the progress I've seen in Bridger in the past year is amazing!  He speaks so well.  Tantrums are few and far between.  He got potty trained in the fall. They just downgraded his services he's allowed at his "special-ed" preschool from 4 days a week to only 2 days a week because he already mastered all of his goals for the whole year.  He's Smart.  Real Smart.  And he's happy.  He still goes to ASSERT (Autism Support Services: Education, Research & Training) 5 days a week which has done wonders for him (they are the ones that actually potty trained him!).  Bridger loves computer games, the Wii, the DS, the IPAD (basically anything electronic)  He loves his brothers and his mom & Dad.  He loves cars, bowling, watching movies, & WAFFLES are his staple food.  We are soo proud of him and love him sooo much.  What would life be without him?  Boring!!!  He is our little love bug and has the cutest sense of humor.  We are sooo blessed that he was chosen to be a part of our lives!
Here he is at Assert, I brought cupcakes to share!
 And this is Beaux.  He says Beaux is his Best Friend!  So we invited Beaux to his birthday party and REALLY learned how grateful we were at how well Bridger is doing!
 Chris's B-day was on the 9th of January.  We always celebrate their b-days together but I hope he knows just how special he is to our family!  I don't think I could survive without him!  He is home when ever I need him, and he is the best Dad in the whole world!  My boys adore him sooo much!  I'm sooo blessed to have him in my life!

 We went to the Fun Park for his birthday and went Bowling and had cake & icecream!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Merry Christmas!!

 Here is a little quick over view of our Christmas!  Here the boys are putting together their gingerbread house.  Hudson was eating the candies more than putting them together...
 Here is Cords School Christmas Party!
 Hudson and Bridger at a Christmas Party.

 Bridger LOVED his Castle he got from Santa!  He gets to color it and everything!
 Santa's beautiful setup!!!
 Among all the Football stuff Cord got, he also got a skidoo sled!  It stears and has brakes!
 Hudson also got a sled.  And he thought it was necessary to go plop down in his sled for EVERY present he opened!

 Yes, Hudson got a doll!  A BOY cabbage Patch Doll.  He's always playing with his girl cousins and they play with babies and he always wanted to take theirs home, so I guess Santa felt it necessary to get him his own doll.  And he LOVES it!
 All cute and dressed up to go to church!  Can you tell Cord buttoned up his under shirt?  I did fix that before we got to church!
 Cord has NEVER been sooo happy getting all of his Football gear!  He LOVES it!  The helmet, football, jersey, and his grandpa got him pads!
 At Grandma & Grandpa Coles house!  Getting Spoiled!
 They got him this angry bird blanky and shirt that said "I need anger management!"  Perfect!!
 We both got ipads!  I was dying!!  Soooo exciting!!!

Bridger's Findings...
 Cords findings....

The cute Aggie beanie hats Granny & Papa got the boys!  They love the Aggies!!  Thank you for being sooo thoughtful with our boys at all times!

And Grandma & Grandpa!  They absolutely love to spoil our families at all times, especially Christmas!  We love them sooo much and enjoy spending time with them when ever possible!!!