Tuesday, December 22, 2009

0-3 AcTiViTiEs

Bridgers 0-3 program at the university puts on activites for the kids to provide fun ways for the family to enjoy each other doing "regular" activites with our kids. Obviously tantrums and fits come along on outings sometimes so it's hard to enjoy what your doing. But I had fun watching other kids throwing tantrums knowing that very well that could be my kid at any given moment, but it wasn't, he was doing GREAT!!!! Here we are bowling. He LOVED it! I loved the little bowling shoes that fit his feet! Thank you 0-3 program I will miss you much when Bridger turns 3 in January!!! Then we will be on too the next venture... Here he is chosing which ball he wants!
Cord was doing great! He even got a strike. Bumper bowling is awesome!

Here we are at High Point Gymnastics. He had a ball here too! The trampoline...

Climbing ladders...
Going down slides....

Crawling through tunnells...
And doing the zip line. He loved that most!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hudsons new pics

Here are Hudsons 4.5 month pictures. Isn't he just a cutie???? I usually love black and white or sepia pictures but this green and black is just tooooo cute!!! And the Christmas picture above is so fun, I wish I had them done before I sent out my Christmas cards. Oh well! I got these done at JC Penney's! They did great!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Nativity...

We went to a live Nativity in Nibley on Monday and absolutely froze our hiney's off! Bridger had the most fun out of us all which is good because it was an activity that his up to 3 program put together. They want to put the kids in more natural environments and play with them there. I don't know how they thought it would work with this acitivity but at least it got us to go! Here is me, Hudson and Cord standing in front of a Donkey. We blocked his head so I took a shot of the donkey below!
Bridger turned into my little pyro. He ran from garbage can to garbage can just so he could look at the fire!
Here's Cord in front of the Camel. He said Camels are the biggest animals in the world!! And I said what about Elephants? And he was like, Oh ya! Cord was actually my whiner on this trip because he kept slipping on the ice and his hands were freezing!

My 2 cuties!

These pictures were taken at my Cole Christmas party, and SANTA came! Hudson got a picture on Santas lap. This guy is the closest thing to real Santa, that is a true and genuine beard he has going there! And he keeps it all year round!

Bridger of course wouldn't go near Santa. I told Santa he doesn't like people and all I want is a picture even if he's kicking and screaming. And he proceeds to talk to him like Bridger would understand every word he was saying. I wanted to pass a note to him and say, He's Autistic, quit trying! I get pretty frustrated going to family get togethers and going out in public because Bridger really hasn't gotten any better in that regard. Won't go to anyone but me or Chris and if he's honory, the whole party knows it. So we usually end up leaving and miss half the fun. I know, Boo, Hoo, Karie. I'm sorry, sometimes I need to vent even though I sure love my Bridger. He's just my challenge in life and sometimes I feel sorry for myself when i shouldn't because he also brings a lot of joy to our family. Chris and I just look at each and smile because he can be so darn cute sometimes.
Here's Cord soaking it all up. He asked Santa for a sparks scooter. He's asked Santa twice for that now and so far it hasn't made it into Santas bag. Hopefully he won't be too dissapointed!