Saturday, March 31, 2012

St. Patricks Day

Here is some pics of our eventful St. Patricks Day this year.  I didn't know whether to post this on my food blog, or here.  So here it is!  We can't have any holiday around here without making sugar cookies, and that is mainly because of me.  They are my favorite!!!
 This was a little Pot O' Gold Pot Luck we had the night before showing only some of the fabulous green foods prepared for it!

 Oh, and yes, the leprechaun came and peed in our potty!  My boys were just about dying!!!  Then they had a treasure hunt and found a pot of gold candies and stickers at the end!!!
 And that morning we had green pancakes, our fruit rainbow, and eggs (gold) at the end of the rainbow!  And green limeade!
 And this popcorn was awesome!  I will have to post it on my food blog!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Disney Land!!!!

So we finally made it to Disneyland this year!!!!  And I think it was the perfect age for Cord and Bridger.  Poor Hudson stayed behind with some loved ones while we had a blast!!!!  We sure missed him though.  Next time, Hudson!!!!
My boys loved the airplane!  And Cord thought it was soooo cool that you got drinks and snacks on the plane!

 And the magic begins...

 It was kind of fun because Chris's brother's family was there for one of the days we were their, so we rode one ride with them and they gave us all the tips of which rides were awesome, and which rides were not so awesome!!
 And Bridger pooped after the first day!
 They had to fall asleep with their Mickey hands on!
 All buried up at the Beach.  The COLD Beach!!!

 We went with the Hayes family and had a ball!  They were sooo great to be with and my boys loved having them with us!

 Bridger loved the trains!

 Playing Dead at a fake Cemetary
 Bridger got his R2D2, at the space tours ride!  He loved it!

 Thank you Jen Casey for thinking of my boys and and giving them such a cute gift to take to DisneyLand.  They used them every day!!!

 Lilly was just awesome with Bridger.  He just wanted to hold her hand every day, every where we went, and she was sooo cute with him.  Thank you sooo much, you sure made life easy for us.  She even bought him a cute little monkey at the end of the zoo that he just loves!!

 Look at that shark!!  Cord wanted to pet them!

And my darling Hudson was soooooooooooo excited to see us when we got home and he LOVED every single one of his souvineres.   He just walked around with that huge grin showing everyone saying it was his birthday!