Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree!

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This is what happens when you buy aChristmas Tree at a lot rather than chopping it down yourself! We dragged our tree across the street the day after Christmas cuz it was sooooooo dead! It burned up in exactly 1 minute!!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Christmas 2009 - picture heavy!!

CHRISTMAS EVE: The set up is soooooo fun, to make sure everything is in the right place...
Christmas Morning! Bridger loves elephants.. Cord got a Bumblebee outfit that he wore all day Christmas.

Hudson loves his new band toy...

Typical of Bridger laying on the ground driving his trucks!
Bridger and I in the middle of our Christmas mess...Cord LOVED his new sled brought him.Christmas Day at my parents house... and yes Cord is still BumblebeeI love this picture of my parents. I love the way my dad is looking at my mom. I couldn't ask for better parents! They would do ANYTHING in the world for their children and grandchildren. And you can just see the glow on Mr. Santa Clause's face. Literally, my Dad is Santa Clause, or he's in good practice to become him, because he goes out of control for Christmas and makes sure that everyone gets spoiled! And my sweet mom, such a HUGE help to me when we have get togethers, because for some reason I can't handle all 3 of my kids at the same time, so she always steps in and helps me.
My dad sitting on Santas lap at our Hoskin Christmas party. Santa gave him a lump of Coal and Cord kept saying "grandpa, you've been bad!"
Hudson on Santas lap...
Granny holding her 2 newest grandbaby's at the Coats Christmas party. Alivia and Hudson are 4 weeks apart I think. Granny is always offering to watch the grandchildren when ever she can! We love her!
Cord's new remote control truck from Granny & Grandpa

The nativity scene. Hudson was baby Jesus.

Mykelle was Mary holding our sweet baby.

The Coats family hanging out in Ryans heated garage for our party...

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Bridger & UPDATE

Bridger turned 3 on Tuesday!!!!! I can't believe it, all my babies are growing up! We had a fun birthday party for you with our family! This is you actually imitating the word "cheese". You don't quite have it, but at least you tried! This sounds kind of silly to most of you out there, but the moment Bridger actually tried to blow out his birthday candles was a VERY proud moment to me. He's never tried to do that before and to actually do it on cue, I LOVED every moment of it! He couldn't quite get them all out by himself, but with a little bit of help, he did it!

This year for Christmas and his birthday he actually opened his presents too. He's never been interested in it before so it was fun to watch him figure it out.
He's VERY in to Lightning MqQueen right now so you can see him inspecting his birthday card. I bet you've never seen a kid enjoy his card more than his gift!

We were at a friends house and they had an ant farm that Bridger was way in to. So I got him one for his birthday. You buy the ants seperate and put them and theyv'e already started tunneling away. It's kind of fun to watch!This is Bridgers morning breakfast ritual. Oatmeal and orange juice, watching CARS, with his select few favorites in front of him. He actually carries all of these shown below EVERY WHERE. To bed, to nap, upstairs, downstairs. We only let him take the small cars when we go somewhere, and that is a fight!Yesterday Bridger started his Special Ed Preschool at North Park Elementary. He gets his very own curbside bussing to the school. He didn't know what was going on yesterday when we just put him on the bus and they drove away. He was screaming bloody murder, it was soooo sad to watch but they don't want us coming with him so he doesn't depend on us all the time and not cooperate at preschool. But I went to the school and hid behind there windows and watched him a little. He was still crying, it was sad!
This is him coming home from school. He was soooooo relieved to see me. He just hugged me and put his head on my shoulder. Bridger gets to go to Preschool 4 days a week for 2 and a half hours. I know it will be soooooo good for him right now, and good for me to get a little break in the mornings.

UPDATE: Bridger still has no verbal words right now but has moved up from being able to jabber one constanant of "da da da da" to be able to say "ba ba ba ba". He has many signs. Maybe somewhere around 20, so he is doing REALLY well there. He has started Neurofeedback with a program that is trying to get a grant up at the University for Autistic Kids. I feel really lucky that I was in the right place and the right time, and had the right connection for her to ask me to be her "Test study" for the University. Not that they are testing it on him for the first time around, but they want to show results to them from beginning to end to see what positive results come out with Bridger. This is like an 1800 dollar program that I get for free just by taking notes on what Bridger excells at while doing this. They hook scensors up to his brain waves and he watches a little choo choo game on the TV and if he's engaged it makes the choo go and do what it's supposed to do, but if he gets bored of it or doesn't think about it correctly, the choo choo slows down or stops and the screen fogs over. So it's kind of fun to watch. It's supposed to train his brain to stay engaged in activities, and to concentrate and just to use his brain the way he's supposed to - sorry, hard to explain! Anyways, I will do another update when the Neurofeedback is done after 20 sessions. We've already done 4!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ice Skating

My SIL's inlaws had their family Christmas party at the iceskating rink and rented the whole thing out and she invited all of us to come. It was so fun for the boys. Cord had his little grandma walker to help him. I have to say he was a little dissapointed with himself at first because he just thought he could waltz onto the ice and skate like a pro, but he had to work at it hard but eventually was doing great! Bridger got to hang out in the umbrella stroller and he thought that was just awesome. And little hudson got to hang out with Dad the whole time. I didn't trust my self one bit holding a baby on the ice, but Chris has had some past experience and owns his own hockey skates so I decided to trust him!Here is Chris's brother Ryans family. And Abbie and T and their family. Thanks for inviting us!!!