Sunday, November 29, 2009

Give Thanks...

My sister hosted THanksgiving dinner at her house this year and she did a GREAT job. I think her table set up and decorations were just as important to her as her food, and it LOOKED and TASTED great! Note to self: Don't ever wear that pink vest again because you look 6 months pregnant! Brenda holding my cute Hudson
And me and my hubby and Hudson. For some reason I decided not to take pictures of my other boys on Thanksgiving Day!?!?!?

Happy Birthday Mom

Dear Mom, In all these years of you being my mom, I can't think of one incident where you didn't put your kids first. You have been there for me through thick, thin, fun times, sad times, crazy times and good times. I love you with all my heart and I'm so proud to call you my Mother, and for my kids to call you their Grandma...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Back to training wheels...

So Cord has turned into a dirt bike Extremist! His uncle Justin and uncle Ryan race dirt bikes every year and his cousins are into it, so he got into it! First he got his helmet for his birthday and then we got to borrow his cousins dirt bike has training wheels on it. He LOVES it! It's all he could talk about for weeks. "Mom, do you love my new dirt bike?" "Mom, Do you love it when I ride my new dirt bike?". Non stop! But it's cute! And we have the perfect dirt hill across the street from our house for him to ride on it.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


So I got my new digital software from stampn it up and wanted to throw something together and post it to see how easy or hard it was. It was kind of fun and I'm excited to play around with it and possibly do my own Christmas cards or something. These are just old pictures of Hudson but it's all I really had!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween Pics

We had lots of fun this halloween! The kids had a halloween party at my parents (chris and I had to join in on the photo so that Hudson and Bridger could be in it) Here's me and my cute little GiraffHere's Bridger trying to understand why we are going up to everyones door holding bags out for candy....
My lion hung out on daddy's shoulders most of the time with a sucker in each hand. That's the only candy this boy needs to be happy!
I dressed up as Dorothy from Wizard of oz this year. The heals were KILLING me! Soooooo...Cord wore them for me!!! He thought they were the most awesome shoes ever!
Another pic of my cute giraff...
I have the cutest friend ever, Jen Casey who puts on a Halloween dinner every year before we all head out to trick or treat. Heres most of the group! THanks Jen!

Cord and Avery
This is Chris's parents! Aren;t they hilarious! I lOVE the witch outfit grannie is wearing!