Monday, June 15, 2009

DreAM NIgHT...

A couple of weeks ago I put in for a drawing to Dream Night at the Hogle Zoo that was up at Bridgers classes at the university. AND WE DREW OUT!! It was held after hours from 6-9 with free dinner from Chick-fila and everything was open and it was for kids with special needs. Let me tell you, the moment I got there I was immediately grateful for the trials I am going through with Bridger. I almost felt like we shouldn't have been there! There were sooooooo many other severely handicapped/down syndrome/etc... kids there that I just looked at Bridger and about broke down crying because of how lucky I am to have my sweet Bridger. He is a trial, yes, but he is sooooooo dang cute, and outgoing, and physically able to do what he wants to do. I get loves and kisses, non-verbal communication and emotion out of him that a lot of parents didn't get from their child at the zoo!
Here is my Tiger Cord! He got his face painted and he was just hilarious. He would look at people with a sideward glance to make sure they were watching him and he would growl like a tiger. He kept asking all night if his tiger was still on his face!
On the choo, choo! Bridger had to sit on the seat all by himself like a big boy!
Eating our yummy Chick-fila dinners!
Cord braving a snake pet!

The infamous ape shot!
Bridger being silly with his daddy!
Cord was the map-keeper! He had to be in charge of carrying it and finding the animals!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

a MuDdy MEss.......

The other day Cord and his friends came racing home to my house and asked if he could put his crocs on that can get wet and dirty because he was going to the dirt hill with his bike. So I told him sure. Then about an hour later the boys come riding their bikes back and I seriously couldn't believe what I saw! My child was caked with dried mud from head to toe!!! All I could do was laugh and run and get my camera. So the first thing I had to do was spray him off with the hose wich he didn't like one bit, then I made him take a shower wich he has feared FOREVER!!!! (what a mean mom huh!!!!) But as you can see his shower turned out to be a good experience and he has taken a shower every day since! He keeps saying can I take a shower forever mom??? I need to be in here for 10 minutes!!! It's hilarious! Then when he's done, he squeejy's (spelling???) it down like a good boy and their is no work in it for me! YEAH!!!!


Every year we go support the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation by doing their walk/fundraiser for my nephew Ethan. It's become a fun tradition for a good cause! Here is Cord and Bridger playing the drums for that band game (what ever it is!!) Of Course Bridger couldn't get through the ordeal without doing his favorite thing; throwing rocks in the water!
Here is my awesome parents!!! They are the most supportive loving grandparents ever!!! They would do everything and anything for their grandkids and I just can't say enough about them!
Here is my great, GREAT, friend Amy! She also has a huge heart and tries to support everyone in what they are doing! You HAVE to love her!
And here is my sister, her husband Dean, Baylee and Ethan (the one with CF). He is as healthy and rambunctious as ever. He is Cords absolute favorite cousin!!! They have an older son Mason that isn't in the picture as well!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend....

Over Memorial Day weekend, like always we head up to my parents property up Ogden Canyon in Beaver Creek. And like always it's beautiful weather on Saturday and then Sunday (the day we plan the BBQ) it rains like crazy!!! I think we need to swich up our days next year! Anyways, here's a few pics: My cousin Jared, his wife Whitney, my mom, My aunt Kathy in the chair and cousins daughter Kiley.
There's big momma me in the hat wearing my DADS coat, my Grandma and cousin Timarie in the background.Rain or shine, Bridger was happy sitting in the sandbox playing with the sand. We set up an umbrella over him so he didn't get drenched, but he didn't mind it if he did!

Here's Cord showing off on the swing!
Cord, Ethan and Baylee on Saturday (in the sunshine) playing in the sandbox.
Bridger doing his most favorite thing in the world; throwing rocks! This time with a new twist, down the slide!
Grandpa decided to turn my kid into a pyro. Good thing it didn't last too long or he would have been in trouble!