Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hudsons 3rd Birthday Party!

Stinken Pinterest gave me these bright ideas to give Hudson a themed Birthday Party!  It's a lot of work, time and money to go all out, and I wasn't so sure I wanted too!  But I'm glad I did!  It turned out way cute!!!  And I didn't go all out as I could have!!!  The Cat in The Hat!!!!!
 Great Grandma Likens with my 3 boys!  I love this picture, they all are smiling soo cute!!

 The fun, blue punch, red straws, red vines, red sweetish fish, yellow fish crackers and the cupcakes are supposed to be like Thing 1, and Thing 2!  Red velvet cupcakes, white frosting with blue sprinkles and cotton candy (like their hair)!  IT was fun!

 Hudson striking one of his famous poses for the camera!!

I sure love my Hudson!  Some of Hudsons favorite things at 3 are playing with Bridger, Mylee and Risa, playing with his cars, and watching shows.  He's terrified of everything.  No Kidding.  He hates rides, water, petrified of our new dog, his cousins new kitten, fly's, lady bugs etc.... the list could go on!  But he sure loves his mommy and daddy!  He calls Bridger "Didger".  He can count to 15.  He knows some of his alphabet.  Within the past month he got potty trained, moved to a big boy bed, got rid of the binky and turned the BIG 3!!!!  We are sooo unbelievably in LOVE with this kid, even though he also turned into one of the biggest stink pots ever that doesn't like to do what he's told!!!  Life is rough you know?!?!?!  JK!  We Love you Hudson!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Summer Fun

So here is just a bunch of fun random moments this summer that I thought I would throw on the good old blog!  Cord had a sleepover with his buddies and they turned the hose on and built a mote in our sandbox that entertained them and my other naked little Hudson for hours!!!!

 Cords new favorite thing right now is the Skate Park.  His best buddies the twins are really into their scooter and skate board, so of course Cord is too!  Here he is trying out his moves.  And Bridger Loved tagging along on his 3 wheeler!!

 Cord went to the Utah State Football camp this summer and had a blast!!  Let me tell you, this boy is going to be one good athlete!!  He has the athleticism, the drive, and the want to do great things!

 And we can't forget about Bridger.  He just loves to do anything.  He's happy being any where.  And he sure had fun with T-ball this year.  We enjoyed going and watching him and lets just say he paid attention a good 50% of the time!! :)