Thursday, December 30, 2010


So Christmas was just sooo fun this year! All my boys were into it and they all loved what they got! Cord has been begging for a DS for a year and a half and Santa finally brought him one this year!
Hudson got this rocking horse and he loves pushing the buttons and hearing it neigh, but he gets mad when you sit him on it!
Hudson Mastering the art of opening presents!

Yes, that is a doll house under that wrapping paper, but Bridger LOVES that kind of stuff, and Santa really understands him ;)

Chris asked for one thing, a new ski rashgard and so I made him show it off for the camera along with his new bini hat. Look at those biceps!!

Here is Cord with his winnings from Santa
Here's Hudson's pile, and I seriously can't find the picture of Bridger's pile, so I'll have to add it later...
You know how people kid about having "2nd Breakfast", well every year, we get "2nd Christmas" from my parents. They absolutely spoil every single one of us, not just the kids but the adults too. This is what it looks like every year when we gather at my parents house, and mind you it's just for me and my sisters family! SPOILED!

And this is Santa himself Mr. Brent Clause (my dad) He absolutely loves Christmas and I know that he doesn't just buy them alot of presents to spoil them, he seriously loves to see the joy on their faces as they open each present. He gets into the spirit of Christmas more than anyone I know and it goes beyond the presents, he loves the music, getting the perfect tree, (and decorating it to his liking :) ) It's soo fun!And my mom and my sister. My mom loves it just as much as my Dad. She tries to tame him a little bit, but you know she loves it!
Chris and Dean
See, look at that killer smile!

Hudson loving on Brenda

The whole family!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Eve and more...

Here's a few pictures of Christmas Eve and random pictures before I post the BIG day! Bridger wanted to put cookies under the tree for Santa, not by the fireplace! It was quite funny. Cord next to his milk and cookies he set out...
Christmas Eve at my parents house. All the grandkids! Look at that lonely neice of mine, doesn't it look like she needs a girl cousin???

Me and my sister..

Bridger's Christmas Eve present from his brothers..

Chris and I at my parents...
Hudson opening his CHristmas Eve present..

He wouldn't let those things go for awhile....

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Temple Square

So we made it to the lights this year on like the coldest and busiest day of the season! They had a BYU/Arizona game playing that night and everyone thought it would be a good idea to go see the ligts! We met up with the Filpots and the Alvords, but it was hard to stick together because it was sooo crowded!!! What a beautiful sight though!

It must BE Santa...

This is our first attempt at Santa this year at my Family Christmas party. As you can see Hudson and Bridger was NOT having it. Nu-uh, no way! They both were screaming for their lives! But Cord on the other hand was hamming It up, he had lots to say to Santa!

But then somewhat of a miracle happened, Chris took the boys to the mall and Cord once again sat on Santas lap and when he was finished Bridger walked right up to him and sat on his lap and when Santa asked him what he wanted for Christmas Bridger signed treat! How cute is that!!!! I was really impressed.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Anderson Girls

So arent' these just the cutest girls ever!?!? These are my neices Avery Mylee and Marisa. I see these girls probably daily and I just love them! I guess they take the place of my long lost girl that I was supposed to have! I have 3 boys, she has 3 girls, go figure! Anyways, I always help Abbie put together her Christmas card so I thought I'd share how cute they were!