Monday, September 29, 2008

Chris's Alaska Trip!

So Chris finally got home from his 8 day trip to Alaska last night! Yeah! He had such a great time with his Dad, brother Ryan, brother-in-law Tristan and friend Mergs. Below I set up a slide show that shows a bunch of his pictures, if you have any questions on who is who or what the picture is of, just put your cursor on the picture and a caption will show up on MOST of the pictures. Below is the picture of his prize Halibut he caught, the big 70 pounder. Apparently it was the biggest one caught out of the bunch including other groups their that day! Chris's only complaint about the whole trip is he calculated about 50 hours of fishing and really only caught this halibut, and one salmon! It takes a LOT of patience to be a fisherman, that's for sure!!! But all in all he had a blast.

Alaska Slide Show

Thursday, September 25, 2008

No Camera!

So I've been pretty bored not having a camera for a week. Chris left for Alaska on Sunday and wont be back until this Sunday, 8 whole days without him. That's tough with 2 little stinkers on your hands, but it actually has been a lot easier than I thought it would be. I'm just really bored at night time! So I thought I would give a little update as to why I haven't blogged lately, I'm not a slacker, I just don't have a camera to take fun pictures. But I'm sure Chris will have a handful for me to post when he gets back. He called and told me he caught a 70 lb Halibut! WoW! What are we going to do with that??? I sure as heck don't cook fish, anyone interested???

Friday, September 19, 2008

Aggie Game!

Last Saturday night Chris and I went to the Aggie/Ute Football game at Utah State. It was a complete bomber in Utes favor, but we had fun! Kids at the babysitter, no worries, just fun! As you can tell, Chris is growing a beard for his trip to Alaska next week, boys think their so manly with facial hair.....

Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy Birthday, To ME!

So am I allowed to post about my own birthday? O'well, I'm doing it anyways! Yesterday I turned 29 for life..... Isn't that how it goes, the older you get, you keep referring back to "I'm 29". So I guess that means I'm pretty old! Anyways, I had a great day! It started out with my sweet husband trying to make me breakfast before church and he pulled out the microwavable bacon and charred it on the stove (he didn't know it was microwavable), so I started out the day smelling like yummy bacon for all to smell at church. It was the thought that counts, right? I LOVE HIM FOR IT!!! Later that day I had friends and family come visit me. This is my mom, she's the greatest! She's the most unselfish person I know. Always taking care of everyone else before she gets to herself. Love you mom!

Here's Cord helping me blow out my 4 candles. He never misses an opportunity to play with fire. In the background is my sister Brenda and Bailey! Thanks for driving all the way to Logan just for my birthday!
Here is Bridger chowing on my birthday cake, and he wined when I gave it to him..... he didn't know how good it was going to be!!! And here is Mylee, Abbies little girl! She's sooo stinking cute! Thanks for making my cake and Homemade Rasberry Icecream! YUM!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Girls Night Out!

Every year all the sisters and sister-in-laws try to get together a "girls night out". So that's what we did on Friday night. We didn't do anything fancy, just rented a movie and ate lots of treats! Then we stayed the night and went to Angies for breakfast in the morning. It's always fun to get out! This is my sister -in -law Abbie I'm with below. But she's definetely more than that to me. She's like a best friend to me, we do EVERYTHING together. And I mean everything. We live 5 houses down from each other and basically we see each other like 3 times a day.

Here's the rest of the crew from left to right, Jodi, Cami, me, Abbie, Richelle, and her daughter McKelle. I love them all too! I've been blessed to have just awesome in-laws!!!
And finally, this is Grannie! Chris's mom! She rocks! She's just like one of the girls. She's always there when we need her, and want her! We couldn't have girls night out with out her!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

First Day of PRESCHOOL!

Today was CORD'S first day of PRESCHOOL. He was a little nervous to go without me staying (like I did at orientation) but when the teacher came to get him out of the car, he was game! I can't believe my little boy is already going to school! He's such a BIG BOY now!!!

Here's a little showcase of his cheesy bookbag. He wanted a BATMAN bookbag, but I procrastinated long enough that all the good ones were gone. I went to 3 different stores and ended up buying SPIDERMAN! Of course he loved it, and I'm sure the other kids will think it's cool, but mommy thinks it's cheesy!
See, He's saying "Look at my cool Spiderman bookbag!"
This was on Tuesday at orientation. He found a fun cowboy hat to play around in for the entire time. I think this place will be great to keep him occupied! He's such a busy boy!
Ride 'em Cowboy!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

We went up to my parents property once again and did some more camping! Cord absolutely LOVES to camp! I really think it's his favorite thing to do. My parents took him up a day earlier than us and all he could say was, "I'm going camping tonight, and your not coming!!" He loves to go hang out with Grandma, Grandpa, Mason and Ethan. Anyways, here is me and Bridger just relaxing.

This is Cord fishing. I have to tell you that Cord is an Amazing fisherman already at 3 and a half. He caught 5 fish this weekend, and out of those 5 he actually bated, cast out, hooked and realed in 2 of those fish all by himself. He was sooo thrilled with himself. He went around camp showing everyone his 2 fish that he got to keep. He even made Grandpa cook them so that he could eat them. I think he got one bite in and then decided to move on to the other grub on his plate....

Here is Bridger keeping himself occupied. I even get this from the Nursery leaders, as long as you leave him alone, he's fine. And it's sooo true. Here he is dumping water back and forth from sippy cup to cup, and no lie, he did this for at least an hour!!!!
Here Grandpa took the boys on a 4-wheel ride and as you can see, Bridger didn't last long. It's amazing how those noisy bumpy machines put toddlers to sleep, NO FAIL!!!