Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Baby Animal Days...

The last couple years we've been making it a tradition to go to baby Animal Days in Wellsville with the Fillpot family. This year my boys had tons of fun! Heres Cord holding a baby chick... Cord going down the big slide. He was only supposed to go 3 times but he kept sneaking up there before I got my hands on him, the little stinker!
Hudson had a grand old time! JK He seriously did awesome for me! Thank goodness for my sweet Hudson!
Bridger absolutely LOVED holding the baby chicks! He made us go back twice! He was so sweet and gentle with them too, I was impressed!

Cord holding a baby turtle!
These bears were adorable. They were 3 months old and just kept putting their paws up to the keepers so they would hold them. It was pretty cute!
See that train in the background? That's what Bridger is grinning about. He LOVES choo-choo's! He kept watching it around so I took him on it and he had a blast!

Bridger and Cord feeding the calfs. I seriously didn't think Bridger would dare do such a thing, but he sure loves animals. I think I talked Chris into letting us get a dog next spring!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

EaStEr FuN!!!!

Lots of Easter pictures to share, starting off with my moms famous Bunny Bread! It almost looks too cute to eat, but it's just as good as it looks! Me helping Bridger look for his Easter Eggs, he got very disinterested fast! He'd rather run around and have fun! Me and Hudson with my Grandma Likens! She is seriously such a great Grandma. We love her tons!!!

My parents got the 3 older boys a BB Gun for Easter! It has to stay with my parents and to be used only up at the property, but he LOVES it! I love this pic of my Dad showing Cord how to use it!
Here's Hudsons Easter gifts from my parents. A cute book and a Baseball toy.
And Bridger got this fun Bowling set! He's got his own set of rules on how to play this game!
Here's Cord searching for eggs from the Easter Bunny! I know, my kids love to be naked!
Hudson checking out his Easter Basket! And Bridger taking over the video camera. If he see's it, it's gone. We can't record anything because he HAS to have it!
And a fun little Easter Egg hunt at a park in the SNOW! Bridger did great at this one!

Here's Cord and his buddy Strider.

And the infamous Easter Bunny. Bridger wouldn't go near him!
And where it all started, coloring the Easter Eggs! Bridgers hands were dyed green and yellow for 2 days because he wouldn't stop putting his hands in it!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Look at how BEAUTIFUL my new neice is! Marisa Joy Anderson. 9 lbs 20 in. Born April 2.

Hot Dog roast with the Coats!

Chris's parents own a home in Nibley that they rent out, and at the current moment they have no tennants, so we all went their and had a hot dog roast! The best part was (and I wish I had a picture) was Chris's Dad bought a bunch of pipe and made marshmellow guns! The kids loved them!! And they shot out hard and fast! Here's my sister-in-law Cami and her boy Stockton.
And Abbie holding my cute Hudson with her baby Marisa in her belly just dying to come out!

Happy St. Patty's Day

There's nothing more satisfying than getting your kids all color coordinating and getting a quick snap shot before sending them off on their way. Aren't they a cute bunch? Not much more to say except we proudly wore our green on St. Patricks Day!