Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Tree Traditions...

Well first of all here is my little Christmas boy right here. Everytime Bridger finds a Santa hat, or reindeer horns, or anything Christmas(ee) He is on top of it! He loved decorating the tree, and the house! All my boys are in the Spirit of Christmas right now!Cord got to chop down his own Christmas tree and decorate it and put it in his room! He LOVES it!
Here's mom trying to be in command of the tree decorating but it didn't work. I let them feel like they were doing it all but secretly going behind them to move the big clusters of ornaments:)

My 3 big helpers. Oh, can you see Bridger with his reindeer horns on? Cute huh!
Christmas tree searching! We found the perfect on this year!
Cord Chopping down his tree...


Friday, December 2, 2011

Family Pics 2011

We got our pics taken on the coldest day ever so I was afraid none of them would turn out because the kids were freezing and whining like crazy!!! But Emily Chadwick did a great job! We all look comfy cozy don't ya think? Except maybe that little frown on Hudson. We couldn't get him to smile for the life of us!!! So this is the best we could do!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Our First Break Ever!

So Chris and I have made it through 7 years with no breaks, or sprangs with our kids, until now! These pictures aren't in order (Help?), but my sweet Bridger was running around in a trampoline with the zipper to the net open and slipped right out of the opening and fell and broke his wrist and the bottom of his humorous bone. It was seriously soooo scary. I didn't even know he broke his humorous bone until after we got to the hospital and they cut his long sleeve shirt off and I could see it! I've never felt that kind of absolute NEED to take his pain away from him and take it for myself. I literally made myself sick to my stomach. But after it was all said and done, we had 2 days of major hurt & pain, and very much deserved whining, and after that he was a TOTAL champ! Here are the 2 pins they had to put in his arm during surgery...Here he is getting his cast on! I made the nurse hide the pink wrap because I knew he would have picked it. What a mean mom, huh?!?!
After surgery...

Playing around like a Champ!

First Bath. Sorry about the business shot, but I couldn't crop it off. Do you like my garbage bag contraption though?

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Halloween 2011

This years Halloween was pretty fun! Lots of fun Activities we were able to go to and have a ball! On Halloween Night I got Chris to wear my Dads mountain man top that my mom made out of his elk hyde. My little monkey Hudson would not dress up until Halloween morning and he through a fit clear up until the point where he got to trick or treat at Bridgers school and he was rewarded candy for wearing a monkey suit!!!

Cord was my Dead Dirt biker! Remember he got this suit for his birthday so why not turn it into a costume while being dead?!?!?

Begging for Candy...

Our Annual Halloween party at the Casey's. So FuN!

Trick or Treating at Bridger's Assert class. They boys had tons of fun going around to everyones office asking for treats!

Dressing up at Crossfit! It was sure a chore to try and workout in that outfit...

Our Wild Wild West Costume party we went to! Andrea and Amy were the cutest little Saloon girls I ever did see! And look at those cowboys!!!

And this little cowboy got roped in by an Indian... Chris is actually where my Dads old cowboy gear from years and YEARS ago!!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

2011 Deer Hunt

Once again, I went to Grouse Creek with my Mom and Dad and went hunting! I seriously love this time spent with my Dad, because it's our time to do what we love together! He's definitley instilled a love for this sport in my heart, and I wouldn't miss it for anything! And that means my sweet husband gets to stay home with the kiddos while I go hunt! Thanks hun! The fun thing about this deer is I spotted him all 3 times as we had to chase him accross two mountain sides! So although my dad is the greatest guide in the world, I found my own kill!

And here's my Dad doing the dirty job! I do know one thing, if I had to gut the thing, I wouldn't do it anymore! So Thank you Dad!!!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

So I know I post quite a bit about autism, but can you blame me? It's my life. And I have a real hard time expressing the way I feel about autism. But today I came across a blog from a women that has a child with Down Sydrome, and a child with Autism. She has an amazing blog. She posted "Today I'm Greatful for Autism" And I felt exactly the way she expressed herself, and I just ugly cried to myself for five minutes then decided to post her post on my blog. Just replace the name Casey with Bridger and it comepletely fits! Click HERE

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Cord Turned 7

Cord is getting soooo old! Seven Years old, First Grade, Dirt Biking, Going on vacations with out me?!?!?!? Life sure is whizzing by! Cord had a great birthday this year, as always! Just a family party this year though. He kept saying "my birthdays not over until I have a party with my friends" He didn't get it that we only do friend parties every other year! His only request was to have Ice cream sandwiches for his birthday and he got it, but I had to make a cake for my benefit!

He got this helmet last year for his birthday, and this year he was begging for the whole gear, so he got a jersey and pants for his birthday! And he didn't waste any time to wear that jersey to school to show it off it everyone!

He sure has lots of family that loves him and want to spend time with him on his special Day! Aunt Brenda & Abbie and Grandma Cole.

Uncle Dean and daddy.

Hudson, Baylee & Avery.


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

One last Time...

So we had a ball at the property for our last time of the year! We absolutely love coming here, our boys just play, we relax, and everyone's happy (except come bedtime and I don't get an ounce of sleep) but set that aside, and all is good! Cord and the big boys playing ball. Bridger loves his slide...

Hudson loves his swing...

Chris and I enjoying each other because our kids are actually off playing and having fun....

And the whole family all in one shot! Now that doesn't happen verry often!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

My Birthday...

I had a wonderful birthday this year! First of all, I had all the people I love come and see me! What more can you ask for? Well..... I actually did love the gift I got as well! And I did want it... I finally got my Kitchen Aid, and I was sooooooo excited! Especially with all this baking I've been doing lately, it has come at the perfect time! Here is my lovely mom and sister Brenda. My sweet mother in law and SIL Abbie.

Me and my wonderful, moist, beautiful, & delicious Peanut Butter, Peanut Butter Cup Cupcake with Peanut Butter & Chocolate Frosting....

Me opening my exciting present!!
And Hudson giving some kind of cheesy grin to the camera, while I give him some kind of cheesy grin:)