Saturday, November 22, 2008

Body Fat Test

So our good friend Jake just emailed us these pictures and said they would make a good post; so here's to you Jake!!!! A couple weeks ago like 20 people went to get there body fat tested in the hydro tester because it's supposed to be the most accurate. The reason for the test: everyone entered themselves into a contest to see who could lose the biggest percent of their body fat by April 1st. My sister-in-law Cami and I just came along for our own little contest between Chris and I and her and her husband Stan. It was kind of a fun experience for us. They also did the skin fold test so that you could see the difference between the 2, and lets just say that most everyones were very inconcistent. So now down to the results so you can keep track of me, and hopefully it only goes down from here! Chris hydro -%18.08, skinfold -%19.56. Karie hydro- %19.73, skinfold-%15.17. And I hate to brag here, but out of the 20 people there I had the lowest score on the skinfold test! Yeah for me, BOO for the holidays to come and take that away from me!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

And the winner is......

C - First of all, THANK YOU to everyone that voted and gave me a comment on this pull, it really helped me a lot! I was seriously going for A, but good thing I didn't!! D probably is my favorite, but Chris really wanted something in color for the big one, so I opted for C as my final. Here it is changed to vertical so it will fit in my arch and zoomed in a tad, so I think this will turn out really well. I am definitley going to take advantage of D though because I love it sooo much, I printed an 8x10 of that, and you will shortly be seeing Christmas cards with it on it! Anyway, thanks tons!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Picture Poll

Okay, so I'm having a reallly hard time deciding which picture to use for our family picture, so can you please help???? One thing you need to take into consideration is that the black and white ones can't be reverted back to color, so that's the one thing that makes me think twice about those ones. But I like black and white too, but the colors in these pictures are just so fun. And the second consideration is the place I want to put the picture would look better with a vertical picture rather than horizontal, but I don't want that alone to be my deciding factor. But let me know your thoughts, and please take the poll posted above! Thanks!




Monday, November 10, 2008

Bridger's "Whoobi"

My little Bridger has such a cute fetish with my hair. For most babies their whoobi or comfort is their blankey, well Bridgers is his blankey AND my hair. If I'm in reachable distance his hands are going for my hair, not my kisses. Like this picture below, he will grab my hair from the front with both hands and tickle his face and ears with it for as long as I will let him. Anyone got any fun stories about their babies cute little quirks???

Friday, November 7, 2008

Chucky Cheese!

So if you follow a lot of the same blogs that I do, you'll probably see a lot of chucky cheese posts! Yesterday a lot of our girlfriends got together with our kids at the new Chucky Cheese in Layton and we had tons of fun! Here is Cord standing with Chucky Cheese. He thought that was sooo neat!Bridger didn't love the rides at all! All he wanted to do was walk around with his cup of tokens and dump them out and put them back in! What fun!

Here is Cord playing a game, aaaaand Bridger dumping out his tokens!
Here is my friend Andrea and her little girl Blakely! I love it when I get to see that girl! She's always the life of the party and the happy one!

I got my sister-in-law Abbie and her kids to come join the fun! She mostly got to chase Mylee around on the floor! But I'm sooo glad she came with me!

Cord Absolutley LOVED this horse ride. I think he spent most his tokens on this and one other game!
Here's Avery enjoying her ride!