Sunday, December 28, 2008


Ok, here I am sitting on the coach at 6:15am way tooo excited to sleep because Santa has come to our house!!!! I just had to get Cords first initial reaction on video camera, so here I sat for an hour while he slept in longer than usual because he couldn't get to sleep the night before. After we put him to bed about 20 minutes later he came running out saying "I think I just heard Santa on the roof!!!" "I think the reindeer are up there!" It was sooo fun! But I got the footage, and I think I just might post it!

Here is Bridger checking out the train table! It was THE ONLY present he enjoyed. I actually ended up opening all of his other presents! Should have stopped at one huh???Oh, he was enjoying my hair too! My hair is far too important over presents! And don't I look lovely, it kind of looks like I just woke up.... Oh I did! Pretty huh?Here we are at my Parents house! Again!!Brenda and Dean!!All the kids waiting in anticipation for all the presents sitting right behind them. It's like they get Christmas twice in one day!!!Cord and his cousin Ethan got this robotic Dinasour that's way cool! He was trying to show it off for the camera but he couldn't even pick it up!Here's Grandma and Grandpa with Cord and one of his other favorite toys, Incredible Hulk. They did a great job at getting him exactly what he wanted! I think "Santa" sometimes gets their kids what they think they should have rather than exactly what they want! Here's the family on Christmas Day! Don't mind the tissue stuffed up Cords nose, his finger has found a fascination with what he could find up there and it often brings him a bloody nose in return! Stinker!

Christmas Eve

I think I'm a little spoiled but I get to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with my family, and I absolutely treasure it! It's just a special time of the year that I can't give up, no matter the weather conditions or the hour long drive!!!! Here I am with my Giving Mother, Beautiful sister, and the most caring Grandmother! I love that she spends every Christmas Eve with our family. And thank you Mom, for all the planning and hardwork into making it such a wonderful Christmas Eve/Day!
Here's Chris, Dean and Mason enjoying the yummy food! Dean is the bishop and he's a VERY busy man, so we were sooo excited to spend these 2 days with him!
Now, here is Santa Clause himself, my father! You would never guess it by the rough exterior of my dad, but he has the most Christmas spirit of anyone I know. He absolutely LOVES doing the Christmas shopping for the grandkids, my heck he even picks out clothes for us girls that we get every year, the mood has to be set just right with the Christmas lights on, Christmas music playing in the background, and just the right "Christmas food". And here he is handing out our Christmas Eve presents to everyone. Cord got these 2 transformers that was his favorite toy ever!!! He LOVES it!
My sweet Bridger, he doesn't get into toys that much right now, and when we opened this music sounding, honking diesel, he actually did a little dance! It was pretty darn cute! He played with that all night too!

Coats Christmas Party

This year for the Coats Christmas party we had the kids go outside and do some sledding and Rhino sledding! They had a blast. Bridger just liked being pulled around in this sled dragging his hands in the snow!
Here is Ryan -Chris's brother and owner of the Rhino. In the picture above you can see the big bucket sleds that the older kids got whipped around in!! Didn't look fun to me!!!
Bridger got this little snuggly pillow as one of his gifts and he sure like that!!! He kept laying on it all night long!
Cord's favorite gift was this Nerf gun! He couldn't put that thing down for days! Thanks Grannie and Grandpa coats!!!

Every year we play the Candy Bar game with Coats family! Granny went out and spent $50 on candy bars and you have to roll the dice for doubles, 7 or 11 or your age and if you do you get to grab a candy bar in the middle or steal someones elses that you remember is hiding in their bag! Pretty Fun! Cord loved it!

Saturday, December 27, 2008


As you can probably tell from my baby count down ticker our Christmas wish has come true! We have a baby on board due on August 3rd! We are hoping for a baby girl because we already have the 2 best boys we could ask for, but we would be happy with a healthy baby no matter boy or girl! Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas as we did! I will be posting pictures of Christmas soon!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Cole Christmas Party

Here's some pictures of my Dad's side of the family's Christmas party! This is actually Chris tending to Bridger during one of his all so common melt downs he has. We woke him up from his nap early and he just decided he couldn't handle it, so he cried the rest of the night, joy! Cord found My moms white elephant gift "bling, bling" and had fun with it the rest of the night!

And here is me hanging out with ma and pa! I love being around my parents especially around the holidays. I was at my moms house the other day and my mom was talking about how she needed to get new Christmas decorations because it was all old fashioned. And I was like NO! I love it there because it reminds me of all my childhood Christmas memories!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Snow Painting

The other day I bundled my boys up and went down the street to my sister in laws house and we painted the snow. What you do is fill a spray bottle with water and add food coloring to it and they go make master peices! Cord went through 4 bottles of spray, he loved it! Bridger didn't want to participate, he didn't know what to think of the snow!!! If anyone has anyone fun winter activites, let me know!!! Winter is going to be long and cold here in Cache Valley!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sweartheart Tag

I was tagged to do both of these, so I did them both in one!

*What is your husband's name? Christopher Stan Coats
*How long have you been married? 3 years
*How long did you date? 10 months
*How old is he? 32
*Who is taller? He is MUCH taller
*Who can sing the best? Probably him, I don't stand a chance.
*Who pays the bills? He does
*Who does the laundry? I do
*Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? He does
*Who mows the lawn? I do for the most part. He does the weed eater.
*Who cooks dinner? I do
*Who is the first to admit when they're wrong? Me, he never admits when he's wrong, which isn't That often anyways....
*Who kissed who first? He kissed me.
*Who wears the pants? We both do.
*He's sitting in front of the TV, what is on the screen? A game, Sportscenter, or The Office.
*You're out to eat, what kind of dressing does he get on his salad? Ranch
*What's one food he doesn't like? olives
*What kind of drink does he order? Water or Dr. Pepper
*Where did he go to high school? West Side
*What size shoe does he wear? 11.
*If he was to collect anything, what would it be? Silver & Gold?
*What is his favorite type of sandwich? Club.
*What would he eat every day if he could? I don't know, he's not a food lover like I am!!!
*What is his favorite cereal? Lucky charms or honey nut clusters? (we don't eat cereal very often.
*What is his favorite sports team? Utah State - Denver Broncos
*Who did he vote for? We didn’t (I know, I know)
*Who is his best friend? T, Mergs
*How many places has he lived in? 3
*You bake him a cake for his birthday; what would it be? Chocolate cake, white frosting.
*What could he spend hours doing? Snowmobiling or waterskiing.
*What's something cool about him? He's seriously the best daddy ever!
I tag who ever wants to do it!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Oh, the life....

This weekend Chris's company planned such an awesome Christmas getaway for everyone and their spouse! It started off with dinner at McGraths fish house in Layton (not a sea-food lover, but it was ok). Then everyone chose a movie to go to and I actually got Chris to go see Twilight with me. He liked it, but didn't LOVE it like all the girls! Then they put everyone up in a hotel in Layton and the next morning after breakfast all the girls got to go to a spa and get a 3 1/2 hour spa treatment! It was awesome! We had a 1 hour full body massage, 1 hour facial, and a 1 hour pedicure, with lunch and dessert included. Who could ask for anything more? I think I'll take this weekly, or at least monthly!! I LOVED IT! While we enjoyed the luxory of spoiled relaxation, the boys went to some speed racer go-cart thing and had a blast! Thank you Divirsified!!!!


On Thursday Chris and I took the boys out to Corinne where they test the Rockets at the ACI center. It was way neat to see how much power and heat those things let off. I love the look on Bridgers face right here, you can tell he was a little nervous because something was really loud and noisy and he didn't know what it was!
This was after it was over, it had a HUGE smoke cloud that went on forever!

Cord was a little disappointed because he thought the rocket would actually take off, so he whined a little bit after, but he thought it was fuN!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas Traditions

Over Thanksgiving weekend our family went up to a cabin in Bear Lake with all of Chris's family and we had such a good time. We were all supposed to come up with an activity for the kids and I chose to do Gingerbread trains for the kiddos. They had sooo much fun decorating them, but I'll be honest Bridger was napping at the time, and Cord got bored half way through and started eating the candy instead of docorating with them, so I ended up finishing the project, so I guess I had fun!Decorating the Christmas Tree together as a family is really special to me. It has always been a tradition in my family to do it together while listening to Christmas music. It really brings the Christmas spirit to your heart!! And I'm a sucker about everything to do with Christmas! I love the look, the smells, the feeling, the food, the spirit, and of course the gift giving! Here is Cord strategically placing an ornament on the tree. He has a funny way of bunching them all together in clusters and I just let him, and then secretly move them a part when he's not watching.
Here I am attempting to put ribbon on my charlie brown tree, and I just don't think big ribbon and skinny trees jive, so on my finished project I ended up taking off the ribbon!

Here is Chris placing the star on top!

And here is the finished project minus the ribbon, so I might need to add something else. And the flash takes away the effect of the lighted tree in the dark! I seriously sit on my couch and bond with my tree every night because I just LOVE having a Christmas tree at this time of year!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Body Fat Test

So our good friend Jake just emailed us these pictures and said they would make a good post; so here's to you Jake!!!! A couple weeks ago like 20 people went to get there body fat tested in the hydro tester because it's supposed to be the most accurate. The reason for the test: everyone entered themselves into a contest to see who could lose the biggest percent of their body fat by April 1st. My sister-in-law Cami and I just came along for our own little contest between Chris and I and her and her husband Stan. It was kind of a fun experience for us. They also did the skin fold test so that you could see the difference between the 2, and lets just say that most everyones were very inconcistent. So now down to the results so you can keep track of me, and hopefully it only goes down from here! Chris hydro -%18.08, skinfold -%19.56. Karie hydro- %19.73, skinfold-%15.17. And I hate to brag here, but out of the 20 people there I had the lowest score on the skinfold test! Yeah for me, BOO for the holidays to come and take that away from me!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

And the winner is......

C - First of all, THANK YOU to everyone that voted and gave me a comment on this pull, it really helped me a lot! I was seriously going for A, but good thing I didn't!! D probably is my favorite, but Chris really wanted something in color for the big one, so I opted for C as my final. Here it is changed to vertical so it will fit in my arch and zoomed in a tad, so I think this will turn out really well. I am definitley going to take advantage of D though because I love it sooo much, I printed an 8x10 of that, and you will shortly be seeing Christmas cards with it on it! Anyway, thanks tons!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Picture Poll

Okay, so I'm having a reallly hard time deciding which picture to use for our family picture, so can you please help???? One thing you need to take into consideration is that the black and white ones can't be reverted back to color, so that's the one thing that makes me think twice about those ones. But I like black and white too, but the colors in these pictures are just so fun. And the second consideration is the place I want to put the picture would look better with a vertical picture rather than horizontal, but I don't want that alone to be my deciding factor. But let me know your thoughts, and please take the poll posted above! Thanks!




Monday, November 10, 2008

Bridger's "Whoobi"

My little Bridger has such a cute fetish with my hair. For most babies their whoobi or comfort is their blankey, well Bridgers is his blankey AND my hair. If I'm in reachable distance his hands are going for my hair, not my kisses. Like this picture below, he will grab my hair from the front with both hands and tickle his face and ears with it for as long as I will let him. Anyone got any fun stories about their babies cute little quirks???

Friday, November 7, 2008

Chucky Cheese!

So if you follow a lot of the same blogs that I do, you'll probably see a lot of chucky cheese posts! Yesterday a lot of our girlfriends got together with our kids at the new Chucky Cheese in Layton and we had tons of fun! Here is Cord standing with Chucky Cheese. He thought that was sooo neat!Bridger didn't love the rides at all! All he wanted to do was walk around with his cup of tokens and dump them out and put them back in! What fun!

Here is Cord playing a game, aaaaand Bridger dumping out his tokens!
Here is my friend Andrea and her little girl Blakely! I love it when I get to see that girl! She's always the life of the party and the happy one!

I got my sister-in-law Abbie and her kids to come join the fun! She mostly got to chase Mylee around on the floor! But I'm sooo glad she came with me!

Cord Absolutley LOVED this horse ride. I think he spent most his tokens on this and one other game!
Here's Avery enjoying her ride!