Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Time Off....

This weekend me and the girls took a much needed 2 night get-away trip to Park City! It was sooooooo much fun! We ate lots of good food, shopped, massages, hot tubbing, staying up late talking ( I have to admit I was the early bird every night, but I have an excuse of being pregnant right?) From left to right: Amy, Michelle, Me, and Andrea! Amy and Andrea have been my best friends for as long as I can remember: Andrea since 2nd grade, and Amy since Junior High! I love those girls and I'm soooo greatful that we are still as close as we were 15-20 years ago! I've just been starting to get to know Michelle and she was awesome to be around and I'm glad that she came on the trip with us. I'm sooo glad I have gotten to know her better!

Chowing on some goood Mexican food! And it was good! Funny story that should probably be left out, but I'll share anyways!!! K - Mexican food first, massages 2nd! You can only guess how hard it was for us ALL to keep relaxed in our massage sessions!!!

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

This past weekend was my Dads birthday, big 53!!!! I don't think I could brag enough about how my boys have the BEST Grandpa in the world!!! Both of my boys absolutely adore him, and flock to him like he's a big peice of candy or something! I hope he knows how much I adore watching him with my kids! He raised 2 girls and now he gets to play with 4 (almost 5) Grandsons and 1 Granddaughter. So he eventually got his boys that he so desperately needed!!!!!
Blowing out the candles
We stopped at Cabella's on our way home from St. George to get my Dad his birthday present and the boys were in awe of the huge fish tank with all the HUGE fish! Bridger just kept pointing at them over and over again. It's not a very good picture because you can see my flash through the glass, but their is some BIG fish in there!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sunny St. George...

This past weekend my little family and Chris's sister Abbies little family packed up and went to St. George. It's starting to become an annual spring time event for us and we LOVE it! We stayed in a Condo rather than a hotel and that makes ALL the difference in the world when traveling with kids!
This is one of my greatest friends ever, Tami. I only met her about 6 years ago, but she has been there for me through a LOT! I love her tons and I only get to see her when go down to St. George.
We went to the new Washington Aquatic Center and it was awesome. It was half inside, half outside, and the boys had a blast! Here's Cord going down the slide.
Here's is Bridger crawling around the water with his Daddy. The boys just kept wanting to go with their daddy the whole time. Are moms just not fun or what? I guess that's what we get for being the responsible, disciplinary, nurturing mothers that we are, and daddy's are their just for fun. JK, I do have to admit they DO have one of the coolest, most funnest Daddies in the world.

Here's Milee and Bridger taking a bath together. Isn't that the cutest little bumm?
Here they are at the park next to our Condo, the kids had fun there too!
Cord showing off his climbing skills. This boy is getting DARING and WILD!
This is a new little place right in the middle of St. George by the new library. It's just a little place people gather for lunch and bring their kids to play in. It's small, but free and sooo much fun. I didn't realize you should bring swimsuits for your kids because it's only like 3 inches deep, but Bridger wanted to do more than just walk in the water.....
Bridger following his big brother down the little river.
Me and my AWESOME sister-in-law Abbie. I've posted about her before but it doesn't hurt to say once again that I couldn't ask for a better sister-in-law, I don't even consider her that, she is a true friend and she is soooooo helpful for lost little old me! I lOVE her!
Here is Cord and Avery smiling for the camera.
And Bridger before all his clothes came off!
I will have to post a few more pictures later when I get them from Abbie, my camera died and she got some good ones!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Sunday afternoon we went to my parents house and had a yummy dinner and then the kids got to have an Easter Egg hunt in their backyard afterwards. This is Baylee and she just absolutely adores Chris! I NEED to have a little girl!!!!
Here is Bridger and Baylee. Bridger loves rocks, here he is dumping rocks into his bucket. He didn't care about the Easter Eggs, mommy got to find his!

Here's all the boys getting ready to go find all their eggs!

Cord had to have a little help, unless they were staring him straight in the eyes, he couldn't find much, so I cheated a little and gave him hints left and right.

Easter morning.... Bridger loved the little $5 golf set the Easter Bunny brought him. When Chris golfs out in the front yard Bridger is always wanting to play too, so I got him his own set.

He also got a flashlight. This boy LOVES flashlights, so the Easter Bunny only thought it fitting....

Here's Cord with his new fishing pole! After fishing with it last night we had to forbid him from bringing it back in the living room to play with it because it now has fish guts and blood on it. He was devastated...

Easter Activites...

Yesterday Cord and Chris went fishing at the fish farm in Smithfield with Bob and Emerson. Cord got a new fishing pole from the Easter Bunny and just LOVES it and LOVES fishing! They had a blast!
Here Cord is helping me frost Easter sugar cookies. He's such a BIG helper!

Here Cord and Chris are decorating Easter eggs! He'd been dying to do that all week!
Cord and Avery went to Lee's grocery store to go on their little Easter activity. It looks like Cord is thinking "I like you Easter Bunny, but don't get too close"

bABy AnImaL dAys...

This past friday we went to baby animal days here in Wellsville. I've lived here for 3 and a half years and have never gone before, and loved it! So it might have to become a tradition. We went with the Fillpot family and had a blast. Here's Kole and Cord on the train.
Here's Amy, Macee and miss prego with a big bag of Kettle Corn in her hand. That's right folks, I LOVE kettle corn and I'm not afraid to show it even when I'm up 15 pounds!!! Oh and you might notice the new hair cut too! On April Fools Day I had a hair apt and I chopped my hair off. I text Chris to tell him and he didn't believe me, he thought I was fooling him!
Here's Bridger playing with the "cha, cha's" or what ever they are called. He loves those things though. They have them at story time at the library and I had to quit taking him because that's all he wanted to do, even when it wasn't time for them so he would throw one of his infamous tantrums until I was so embarresed I had to leave! Love you Bridge.....
Here's Kole and Cord Beating the Drums!
Cord Checking out the baby sheep!

Chris and Bridger. I love Bridger's face in this picture. Come to think of it, Chris and Bridger are pretty much pulling the same face! Like Father, like son!!Cord wanted to hold the baby bunnies so bad but every time I put it in his arms he would freak out, so I guess I got to hold the baby bunny, FUN!

Aaaaaand the Pony rides. Bridger and Chris were down by the river throwing rocks in it for an hour while Cord and I and the Fillpots waited in line for the pony ride. When it was our turn Chris had to pull Bridger away from his rock throwing and he didn't like that very much, so needless to say he wasn't very happy on the pony!

Okay, look at his Helmet!!! Isn't that the funniest picture in the world! He didn't mind, he just loved being on the pony!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Brenda!

Happy Birthday on March 31st to my darling sister Brenda! Who's now a whopping 33! Anyways, a little sister-to-sister, I hope she knows how much I love her and appreciate her helping me when ever possible!! I wish we lived closer than an hour apart because it would be a lot more convenient for sister time, or helping watch her kids when needed! She means the world to me and the best sister ever. Love you sis!Here's the boys playing the WII! Cord is a pro at bowling now just from playing it at my sisters. Maybe next year Santa Clause will bring our family a wii!Here's Bridger in total awe watching the bowling game! He serious stops what ever he's doing so he can watch them play. Pretty fascinating huh Bridger????!?!?