Monday, March 1, 2010


I hope I don't ramble too much about Bridger and what's going on in his life too much, but his life is my life, and there is DEFINETLEY a lot going on with him right now. But My sister Brenda works for a bunch of online Scrapbooking companies and had the assignment to do a page about New Beginnings. She chose to scrap about Bridger and when her and my mom decided to bring up their worries about him and their thoughts about him having Autism. I thought it was such a cute Layout that I wanted to share it. Check out her blog it has some cute stuff on it! The Life of a Scrappin MomI kind of like looking at other peoples perception of what they thought of Bridger and these were my sisters words from her Blog: "For me - looking through all of my pictures, i started with Spring, went to babies and i couldn't help but going back to these pictures of my nephew Bridger. After he turned one my mom and I noticed every time we were around him - he was always upset about something. He didn't talk at all, he always put his hands a certain way - pinky pointed outward, he wouldn't connect with anyone (but mommy and daddy), i had watched him a few times and was always very nervous too, because he would never make eye contact with me and couldn't communicate well. He would watch a 2 hour movie barely blinking an eye - always the SAME movie : ). Finally my mom decided to bring up Autism to Karie (my sister). In the beginning, they didn't want to believe it, but as time went on....they tried to learn more, the became very active in changing his diet to see what things caused him to be better or worse, they put him in an early intervention pre-school and over time we have all learned to know what upsets him and what doesn't - what he can eat and what he can't. He still doesn't talk and just turned 3 in January but has made great strides, Karie and her husband do an amazing job at taking care of his needs and making his little world just the way he likes it. Sorry for the rambling - but the New Beginning for me - was looking at these pictures and seeing his smile and knowing that he just wanted to be understood!"