Friday, April 22, 2011

Living Planet Aquarium

So April is Autism Awareness Month, and they had a special day and time set aside at the Planet Aquarium for families with kids with Autism. We have been wanting to go for the past 2 months so when I heard about that I was sooo excited! The awesome thing about going somewhere with other familes that are going through the same thing is if your child happens to have one of the all too many meltdowns in public, no one looks at you like your a bad parent with a naughty child. They look at you with understanding. And I'm lucky that I have family and friends that treat us with patience and understanding when we get caught in a situation where Bridger will not let down, or he has a tantrum, so thank you for loving us and the craziness that comes along with us!
Cord's favorite thing was the Sting Rays you could pet. Bridger pretended like he was touching them but he wouldn't really touch them!
Bridger's favorite thing was the penguins, he loved them!

Hudson kept finding the clown fish and yelling NEMO! NEMO!

Grandma and Grandpa Cole came with us and helped keep the rascal contained!

April Catch up!

April has been such an off and on weather surprise! It's driving me nuts! I'm sooo ready to play outside, just as bad as Hudson! Anyways, here are a few fun pics of the boys! Chris went out and built this HUGE fort a couple of weeks ago! Cord thought it was THE coolest thing ever, too bad it was melted by the end of the day...

And yes, that is a gingerbread house. Cord was sooo bored he came upstairs with this spare in hand and asked if we could make, so I said "why not, it's snowing outside!" And as you can see, Hudson couldn't stop eating the candy!

Soccor Star

So apparently I raised a soccer star (in my eyes anyways!) Cord has never played soccer before and we signed him up this year and he's the star player! It's pretty fun to watch! He usually makes half of the goals. Look at this picture, he's such a cheeseball! He knew I was taking his picture so in mid-play he had time to look up and smile!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

George and the Missing Puzzle Piece

Have you ever watched Arthur? Well this is a cute cartoon that focuses on teaching children why kids with Aspurgers ( a more mild case of Autism) are different. It definitley doesn't go into a lot of details, but it gives little bit of information that some of the older kids could watch and maybe understand Bridger a little bit more...


Friday, April 8, 2011


Uh-huh, yep! That's me with Brett the beautiful trainer from The Biggest Loser of this season! Him and about 12 contestestants from the Biggest Loser were in Logan the past couple of days and last night he came and did a workout at a middle school for who ever heard about it. I was skeptical that it would be some basic little workout for those wanting to learn how, but no! It was tough! He was laying his boxing skills on us straight for an hour and a half! It was sooo much fun! Of course I had to get a pic with the good looking guy! And that is my SIL Jodi that invited me to go along with her. Thank you!And a few of the favorites Moses and his daughter Kayli! They all did the workout with us. Pretty Fun!And a group shot, minus a few. Justin had just left and I don't know where the others were.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Girls Trip

So am I crazy to say that an annual girls trip is absolutely necessary and unbelievably refreshing and undeniably NEEDED for a Mom to go on???? I just got back from Park City with the girls, and Loved every minute of relaxation, junk food eating, shopping, giggling, hot tubbing, and sleeping in. I shouldn't feel guilty right? I missed my family. But not enough to not go.... I think a trip away is sooo good on the soul. For a mommy to remember that she is more than just a wife, and a mother who cooks, cleans, does homework, & worries. We are Women, Friends, Sisters, who need to feel that sense of nourishment that only comes from other women relationships! I hope I'm not the only one who feels this way, let me know your thoughts on girls trips!?!?!? I know I couldn't survive without them! Wish I had pictures to share!