Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wellsville Waterslide!

My sister-in-law Abbies ward went to the Wellsville waterslide for their summer party, and we decided to tag along! It was soooo much fun! This big slide is soo high, and goes sooooo fast! I was seriously sooo scared to go down it! I couldn't believe my boys would go down it! Here's Chris and Bridger clear up at the top! And here they are at the bottom! They twisted half way down and I think it scared Bridger cuz he wouldn't go on the big one anymore!
Here's Cord! He couldn't get enough, he just kept going, and going, and going...

So for my first time I made the girls do a train so I could be in the middle!!! That's Shaynna, her girl, me, then Abbie.And the end result, perma grins with Wedgies!

Abbie and I decided to go one more time, but we still had to go together!

And Hudson sitting there enjoying the grass!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Birthday Party!

We had such a great Birthday Party for Hudson, all of our family joined us for a yummy BBQ, then we got down to the cake business! This is his face while singing happy Birthday to him. This is his first little taste, he was like YUM, I like this!Then he seriously got out of control! He loved making a mess with it! And as you can tell, he LOVED the attention!Here's the after math... Then after a quick bath we moved on to presents! My Grandma made this lion afigan for him. And those little blocks he's playing with ended up being his Favorite present of all!Bridger took over the toy story dinasour.Here he is in the outfit granny gave him enjoying his new book! Thanks everyone for making it a great day!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Hudson!

My baby turned one TODAY! He is such a handsome little handful! He seriously is such a joy in my life. He makes me smile and laugh every single day. His favorite thing to do is roll cars and trucks across our fire place. Love and squeeze his mommy, and smile! His favorite things to eat are blueberries, gogurts, cereal bars, cheese, waffles, let's just say he's a way better eater than my other boys are even now! We got our family pictures taken on Tuesday and did a little birthday session for Hudson and the ones I've seen so far have turned out awesome! Caitland Photography did a great job!

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Cord had fun playing T-Ball for the first time this year. It took a few games before they all got the concept, and it was hilarious to watch, but they had a fun time! I have to share one story from the season, Cord was in line to bat and I could tell he was squirming and that he had to go potty so I said hurry and go potty and he said No. So it's Cords turn to bat, he swings once, and he misses, he starts doing a dance, swings twice, and misses. Then he turns to the coach and says he has to potty, so he runs off the field to the fence and pulls his pants down and pees behind a tree. It was a proud moment, let me tell you! So in the meanwhile they got another batter up to keep the game rolling! Here's Daddy coaching him on 3rd base.
What a hitter! He was great at knocking the ball out there pretty far!

Here's a few shots at practice.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Preschool Graduation!

I thought I'd better get Cords preschool showoff and graduation pictures up before he starts kindergarten! Here he is doing Tennis.With Hudson watching intently... This is Creative Movement. They learn fun dances, do karate, anything that gets them going! This is the "chicken dance" they are doing right here.And the limbo...Jumping on the tramp in tumbling...And smiling big for me during swimming!Grandpa Cole and Chris watching Cords graduation.
Cords buddies that he followed around like a little puppy dog!
And my big boy graduating from All-Academy Preschool!

Monday, July 5, 2010

mY FiRsT...

...time riding forward in my carseat. A few weeks early, I know! But he definetley ways over 20 lbs!
...picnic on the deck with the big kids! Avery, Mylee, Hudson, Bridger in the back, Hunter, Parker & Cord! ...time at the Hogle Zoo! We went with the Anderson family and had sooo much fun! (more pictures to come).

...time at the pool!

...pair of sunglasses and I thought I was sooo cool!
...time hanging out with Grandpa Cole by the river at our property!

...time swinging! LOVED IT!

...SUCKER!! Who gives there 10 month old a sucker, me! He loved it, and still loves suckers. They are such a mess!

...time eating dirt. Sure taste good but I was a mess afterwards.