Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hudson Turns Two!!

Look at how precious that boy looks! My goodness I could gush over him all day long! Don't ask where my little blonde came from but I don't care, he's such a cutie! Here's a few shots of him that I got off of facebook from the gal that did his pics! I think they turned out sooo cute! He was obbsessed with the Chickens in the yard so it was really Hard to get some smiles out of him!He wasn't so sure about everyone singing Happy Birthday to him, but once it came to the part where he got to blow out the candle, he really like that! He asked to do it "one more time" Which is his favorite saying of all times!He got a buz lightyear electric four-wheeler that he just loved! Look at that smile! Him and Bridger both want to ride it all the time! Mommy did good on choice of present!!! And then we had our big waterslide bounce house set up for the kids, and they had a blast on that for quite awhile! If water is apart of the equation, my kids are happy!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Snake River 2011

We went to the Snake River this year (yes even with the high water warnings!!) And had a ball! But we wouldn't have done it a week earlier that's for sure! We timed it perfect to where the water was at a decent level and not too big of a risk. Bt let me tell you, I was freaking out! The water was ICE cold, our feet were NUMB! And "lunch counter" was as big as ever! BUT we survived, and made it through, and then went 2 more times! Such a fun experience! Chris was our "boat captain" and steered us through safe and sound!Nate Mindee Holman Abbie and T

Nathan and Shaynna Lamb

Vanessa and Mitch Peterson

Abbie and I sat out the 3rd round and took pics and Lunch Counter:

This is what I went through folks! Crazy huh?!?!?

Friday, July 15, 2011

Hogle zoo - sex education 101

Well this years trip to the zoo was as fun as it always is: hottest day of the year, crazy kids, and giraffs conceiving right before our eyes! And the boys asking what in the world are they doing??? It was definitely educational and a little more graphic than I would have liked to have seen, I actually think I'm a little scarred from it because I still get visuals from time to time! Anyways, I'm glad I had my wonderful sister Brenda to go with me to help tame my 3 crazy boys! We had a blast!