Monday, May 17, 2010

A little girl time...

Andrea and KristyMe and AmyAnd our Bloopers....

A couple weekends ago I was able to get away from my day to day routine and spend the night with my girlfriends in Park City! We had sooooo much fun together, eating yummy food, hot-tubbing, shopping, the works! You can't beat having a little girl time to talk about the good old days, your current crave, or just chit chatting about nothing at all! It's soooo nice to have soooo many good friends that you can get together every once in awhile for BBQ's and parties and lunch, and then you have your good friends that you can get away for an over-nighter! They are all important to you in one way or another, and you spend your time with them differently! I hope all my friends know how important they are to me! I Love you all!

Friday, May 14, 2010


So this is a little taste of what I've been trying to do the last 2 months! I apologize ahead of time the little clip has a naughty word in the song, but it's a good clip to show you the kinds of things I'm doing. OBVIOUSLY I'm not quite that strong, but I still do the same workouts but with not as much weight! It is sooooo much fun, and soooo competitive! I feel soooo much stronger and have sooo much more endurance than when I started! I'm still not skinny, but I feel in shape!!! Now...... if only I could eat right....... :) (Clip is at the bottom right of my page)